Thursday, 15 September 2011

part time learner

As a part time learner, self-managed learning requires me to study independently according to my time availability.  I should be able to make the most of my learning experiences to succeed and at the same time, cope with my daily routine.  I am as the working student, now have greater responsibility towards my programme of study.  I employ the techniques below:
1.      Planning and managing smart way
2.      Applying smart time management
3.      Motivating myself
4.      Developing learning strategies
Apart from the above I will also need to have other skills which are essential to facilitate my learning as an independent learner.  These include ICT and Information Skills.
New learning experiences can lead to moments of joy as well as occasions of unhappiness. When unhappiness sets in, stressful situations may build up.  As such it is important that I am aware of these situations and learn how to manage them.
Stress is a very natural and part of our everyday life.  Stress can be positive or negative and our body is designed to react to both types of stress.  We have to learn about stress in order to help our bodies return to more relaxed state.
Positive stress helps keep me alert, motivate me to face challenges, and drive me to solve problems.  Negative stress, on the other hand, results when our body over-reacts to events.  However, stress must not be ignored.

The following are some strategies on how I managed stress:
1.      Take action to organize myself
2.      Control my environment by controlling who and what is surrounding me
3.      Give myself positive feedback
4.      Reward myself
5.      Exercise my body
6.      Relax and rest as regularly as possible
7.      Be aware of myself
8.      Eat a balanced diet
9.      Learn to enjoy myself
Time management is the way I regulate or schedule my time.  The key to successful time management is allowing enough time to complete my work while still finding time to complete other responsibilities.  Learning good time management techniques can motivate me to accomplish my goals.
Once I know the amount of time I have for my studies, I must learn how to set priorities in order to take charge of my situation and to achieve my goals.  I am married with children, then my priorities might include my spouse and children.
The ability to take stock of my strengths and weaknesses in learning will help me to develop into a better learner, especially in a learning environment like UUM which encourages independent learning.

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